Project 2 Begins!


To start:

  • What does the phrase “fake news” mean?
    • non-reputable source, can’t fact check
    • opinions seen as facts
    • facts that might come from a reputable source, but the source is biased
    • falsified news, manipulated news for a personal agenda
    • news=report of something that happened; fake news=part is exaggerated, or made up, or is so manipulated to be swaying from the truth
    • “click-bait”–headline that once you read into it, the content doesn’t reflect the headline, designed to generate “clicks”
    • the onion is self-proclaimed “fake news”–the intent is satire, not misleading–is it the same? The Daily Show? The Colbert Report? (obvious satire, based on real news)
  • When have you or someone you know fallen for or shared fake or inaccurate news of some kind?
    • twitter-headline-only study
    • fellow-soldier going over current information for boards; found a story in the onion
    • conspiracy theories (Mom loves them) from YouTube and elsewhere
    • a friend sharing that Johnny Depp is moving to Michigan (he’s not).
    • a friend in h.s. posted about the Catcher in the Rye being banned, didn’t read from article, shared it widely, and it was for Switzerland
    • MLK quote that went viral (wasn’t an MLK quote)
    • Fake Donald Trump quote “Republican voters are stupid”
  • Why does it matter if we can’t tell real news from fake news?

    • why do we look to news sources? to take action? then it becomes extremely important.
    • choosing to believe and follow a lie vs. the truth–can have drastic consquences
    • real news–investigative journalism takes a lot of resources, the public needs that for democracy to function; freedom of the press is part of our constitution to keep the government honest; blurring between real news/fake news means elected officials are not held to account as effectively
    • Fake news and media in general have a strong influence on how the world works–if people believe something definitely and someone has a different opinion, it will start divisions and create deep divides and contention in the social fabric
    • confirmation bias is a huge factor; it is so ubiquitous and limits our level of civil discourse, picking and choosing evidence to support chosen claims adds to division and entrenched opinions
    • creates confusion and chaos

Next, read through the following two articles:

“Students Don’t Know What Fake News Is”

“Fake News is Partisan”

Talk through some images on this site.



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