About this class:


Expository writing is writing that explains. However, what I hope we will explore in this class is that there are many forms explanation can take. We will be considering these forms: visual, textual, digital and audio, while also thinking through affordances and constraints in each case. We also consider and experiment with concepts for digital online composition and exposition. The events of the 2016 presidential election have made it more important than ever to critically examine rhetorical strategies used in online exposition, and to be able to evaluate the quality of information presented there. Our goal this semester is to grow in our abilities to read and compose expository texts in a variety of media and genres.

About your instructor:


My name is Nicole Guinot Varty, and I am your instructor for ENG 5010 here at WSU. I am a writer who is also a teacher, or a teacher who writes. Because I am passionate about the craft of writing and always love talking about it, I think this class is going to be a lot of fun. My personal goals for this class are that you have fun, too, and that you are able to pursue your own interests, goals and purposes through the projects we work on together.

But I promise you, there will be a rigorous pace of reading and composing this semester. I’m happy to talk to you about any reading or project, at pretty much any time (except when I am sleeping, or playing with my adorable toddler or hanging out with my adorable husband…I will not talk you then). But any other time, pretty much. Let’s talk! Let’s work on our writing together! Let’s have fun this semester. 🙂