Project 3

Explaining a Passion or Interest


In this project, you will work develop an audio expository composition. In other words, we’ll be creating podcasts! We will be listening to and analyzing sample podcasts to get a feel for what is rhetorically effective within the genre. From there, we will sketch out plans for podcast composition—from audio samples to music to the script for any speaking or interviews.

This will be an opportunity for you to explore a topic you are interested in and passionate about—or, passionately curious about! However, you will want to think about how your podcast topic fits into your overall ethos you want to develop and your purpose for this course.

Guiding Questions:

  • What are the affordances and constraints of composing in this genre?
  • What makes for a rhetorically effective podcast?
  • What composition processes work for this genre? As opposed to others?
  • How is ethos constructed in a podcast?
  • What counts as persuasive evidence in a podcast?

Assignment Specifics:

Below you’ll find descriptions for all of the assignments for the next few weeks that will work together to help you build the project.

Draft of Script for Podcast

You will compose a script for your podcast. Be sure to include any interview questions (you do not need to fill in the answers!) and account for any co-hosts/guests you plan to have on your podcast.

Reflection (1-2 pages)

You will compose a reflection about the project, including aspects of the design process, feedback and revision processes, and of course, the rhetorical decisions made along the way to create the finished podcast.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Completed Podcast
  2. Reflection Papers (1-2 pages, Bb)

 Due Date:

Podcast and Reflection uploaded to Blackboard before the start of class = Monday, April 3rd.


 20% of course total