Project 3 Rubric & Instructions


Woot! We are almost to the end of Project 3!! Below is the rubric we worked to build in class today, as well as upload instructions for both your podcast (upload to soundcloud and email me) and your reflection paper (blackboard). Happy finalizing!!

Uploading Podcast to Soundcloud:

  1. Make a sound cloud account (free!)
  2. Upload track—from a laptop or desktop (not from your phone)
  3. Export/share track; email to Nicole

Project 3 Rubric:

Sound Production/Quality  
Clarity 20 points
you are able to hear well and understand what people are saying  
Basic Sound Stuff 40 points
-music not overtaking verbal stuff

-smooth transitions

-no “distractions” (dead space; interruptions that take away from the message, etc.)

Sufficient Length 20 points
15-ish minutes (proportionate to topic; total composition)  
Content/Rhetorical Effectiveness  
Main Point/Relevance 20 points
it means something to the listener; everything you talk about should be connected with a through line/core theme/takeaway/main point; key message; cohesion; make sure you get back to the central point  
Organization 20 points
“Intro”, “body“ & “conclusion” should be proportional; organizational balance  
Exposition 20 points
-explanation of topic; your listeners should be informed or walk away with a better understanding (enjoyment is a nice bonus  
Affordances Used Effectively 20 points
-voice/passion/interest comes through, creates implicit rationale for why we need to “hear” this rather than “read” this

-interest/texture (inflection, use of sounds, background, music, rhetorically effective, well-placed sounds)

-not monotone

Clear and Present Ethos  
Host/creator’s reason (explicit or implicit) for why we should listen to them about this topic 20 points
Reflection Paper  
  20 points

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